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The following are a list of many sites that I have found useful in my endeavours to date. Click a link to open.
Although I expect these sites to be safe and free from malware, I cannot accept liability for any of content, opinions or third party links from any external site.


Link Details
Analog Devices Analog Devices home page -now with the LinearTech portfolio.
Audioholics. comAudioholics pages
CadsoftCadsoft -site of the Eagle schematic and pcb editor
Elliott Sound ProductsElliott Sound Products -the audio pages
Prof Marshall Leach The low-TIM amplifier pages. Professor Leach died in November 2010, aged 70. He was an industry guru in electromagnetism and electronic design. He taught at Georgia Tech; Atlanta, Georgia and was widely respected by professors, students, faculty and administration alike. His students characterized Leach as an approachable professor with a passion for teaching.
The "Turboencabulator" Detroit 1977. About to give a live presentation, Bud Haggert warms up with an impromptu outline of a new product called the Turboencabulator.
Liberty InstrumentsLiberty Instruments, makers of the Praxis audio measurement system
Linkwitz LabsSiegfried Linkwitz - high priest of speaker design. Siegfried Linkwitz passed away on 11 September 2018, and will be greatly missed by audio enthusiasts across the globe.
Douglas SelfAuthoritative audio designer and subjectivism critic
The Audio CriticAccountability in audio journalism
Zaph AudioJohn Krutke has documented many speaker designs and has much sensible advice plus driver tests.
Electronic Design White papersThe habitat of Bob Pease; eminent analogue designer and down to earth bloke. Read about the WOM (write-only memory)
It is with regret that I note the tragic passing of Bob Pease, who died in a road accident in June 2011. Bob had an in-depth understanding of analogue circuitry with that rare ability to communicate his knowledge. His articles in 'Pease Porridge' demonstrate Bobs' dry wit. He will be a sad loss to the elctronics community.
Farnell aka element14element 14 (previously known as Farnell) electronic parts supplier
AdafruitHobbyist supplier influential with Arduino designs.
TronixLabsElectronics and kit supplier in Australia. Supported hobbyist electronics from adafruit, Altronics, DFRobot, Freetronics, Pololu and more.
SparkFun ElectronicsController kits and parts supplier with many useful tutorials
Jaycar NZJaycar electronic parts
Madisound speaker catalogueMadisound products portal
Maxim semiconductorsMaxim semiconductors
OatleyOatley Australia kits and parts
Silicon Chip magazineHome of Silicon Chip magazine -Australia
RS ComponentsRS electronic parts supplier
Arduino homeArduino - the world’s leading open-source hardware and software ecosystem.
Teensy productsThe PJRC store: Teensy microcontrollers and related products


Link Details
Sakte-TV (Slow-TV)The next form of television- real time. From Norway, watch the entire 7 hour rail journey from Bergen to Oslo. Plus many more adventures in real time. This is true reality TV, not the fake stuff we are bombarded with by our local networks.
Anaren ComRF components supplier
Freeview NZThe Freeview consortium - all about Freeview and TV channels
Freeview ShopComponents and products for NZ TV
KordiaKordia Ltd. Business-critical solutions
NZ Ministry of Business Innovation and EmploymentSpectrum Regulations, Energy and Resources, Consumer Issues
Mini-Circuits ComRF components supplier
RF CafeExtensive RF technology site
Spread Spectrum SceneRF and wireless engineering resources
LyngsatAll about broadcast satellites with full transponder listings
RSMRadio Spectrum Management in N.Z
Blue Jeans CableArticles about cable manufacturing. Read about non compliance of ethernet cables, HDMI spec nonsense and more.


Link Details
Archives N.ZSearch the NZ archives
NZ BDM on lineBirth Marriage Death historical lookups
LDS family searchSearch the largest family database in the world
National Library of NZSearch public records in NZ
Papers PastN.Z historical newspapers search
Public records Office in Victoria AustraliaState of Victoria Australia records


Link Details
Energy efficiency and Conservation AuthorityThe NZ energy efficiency and conservation authority. Here you can find out what those energy-star and energy use labels really mean.
EnergyWise site Does solar electricity stack up for you? Tips for lowering your energy bill.
LEDstuffLED fittings and lamps of every description from this N.Z supplier.
EarthLEDsLED fittings and lamps
Energy safety service of NZThis is the energy safety service now run WorkSafe NZ. Regulations and how to keep safe with electricity.
Appliance energy comparisonThis is the appliance energy rating site run by the Australian government. Compare appliances for their energy consumption. Many appliances listed here are also available in N.Z.
LED lamp comparisonsLED Benchmark website. Many lamps are tested for lumen output, wattage, colour temperature and flicker. No longer updated but historical data is maintained.
NZ Ministry for the EnvironmentSustainability in New Zealand
Economics of domestic solar power in N.ZThis (free) article from Consumer highlights the questionable economics of installing domestic grid-tied solar systems, despite the panels themselves being much less costly than even a few years ago.
Goldenmotor.comElectric motors batteries and parts for your mobility scooter or that e-bike project.


Link Details
Airways NZBecome an Air traffic controller
ESA Space NewsEuropean Space Agency site
US Coastguard navigation centreGPS and navigation information from the US dept of homeland security
Kapiti Aero ClubLearn to fly on the scenic Kapiti Coast
Pipistrel PantheraAn exciting new light aircraft designed in Slovenia. As of 2017 development seems to have slowed to a crawl. There has been no 'progress' posted since Dec 2013. This is a disappointment since the design looked to be very special.
Wellington Aero ClubLearn to fly from Wellington International
Sport Aircraft Association of NZBuild your own plane!
The Martin Jetpack siteAll about development and status of the Martin Jetpack


Link Details
Ascent Technology NZAscent on line computer stockist
DPREVIEW.COMDigital Photography review site
Flashcards NZStockists of all memory cards
Price SpyCompare local prices of computers and parts
Toms hardware.comExtensive computer hardware reviews
Anandtech.comExtensive computer review and technology site
Quiet PC Site for components and techniques to make that pc quiet!

POTPOURRI or perhaps you prefer MISCELLANY

Link Details
Consumer NZThe NZ consumer organisation
Ministry of Consumer AffairsHere you can learn about laws to protect consumers and the right way to make a complaint.
Borderline FramingPicture Framing with flair - Campbells site
NZ Science-Technology roadshowTeaching science and technology data, calculators and interest rates in N.Z
Musical PhoneticsVictor Borge and Dean Martin (Youtube video)
CruiseCriticExtensive site relating to cruising