Published 6 June 2011.

Mini review of the Vantec Culore UGT-CH100 multi-card reader

This is a small USB device which 'reads' a variety of memory cards

The Vantec unit has slots marked CF, MS, SD and xD as well as three USB2.0 ports. It is very small and light; about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The small attached lanyard 'hides' a tiny USB type A-type B lead for connecting the unit to your pc.

Vantec Culore


Vantec call it a 66-in-one reader. Needless to say, that description incorporates all the possible card variants that will fit into the slots mentioned above. Link to the Vantec page is HERE

Things that I think should be better

I needed a desktop reader which could take both CF and xD cards. There were few around with both types, so although this is a tiny box not designed to be a desktop fixture, I went with it anyway. I had some trouble initially since my new Win7 pc didnt recognise the unit. Vantec quickly responded that no special driver was required. I got device manager to reinstall a driver and all was OK from then. The unit works (for at least the CF and xD cards that I have used). I don't like the flimsiness generally. The slot guides for CF cards are too short; that is to say the card is not guided in far enough to ensure it engages with the pins accurately and I managed to bend a pin in the Vantec. Fortunately, this could be straightened and all was well. In operation, it is not that obvious "which way is up" and I find myself trying to insert a card upside-down half of the time.


This is a tiny, portable, lightweight versatile reader designed to be tossed into the toolkit for when such a device might be needed. I wouldnt put it in the Tim 'the Tool man' Taylor usage category however.

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