Published 31 May 2011.

Mini review of the Uniden cordless XDECT R055+2

I have used the Uniden Cordless XDECT R055 series around the office now for over a year and this is a few comments about the product.

This set comprises a master station, which includes the answerphone, plus two slave stations. The package was bought for NZ$330 in March 2010 (about US$250). I understand you can buy it with just the one slave unit.

Uniden pix

What I like about the phone

The voice quality is very good. At no time has it sounded distorted. Although we haven't had cause to test the range to its limits, there has not been an issue either indoor or out. The recorded voice quality on the answerphone is also very good. There is a phonebook which works in the same fashion as a mobile phone. You have to manually enter names and numbers one time and can then recall them by scrolling or by entering the first letter of the name. The great feature is that you can load a phonebook on any one of the handsets and then send that phonebook to all the other handset's plus the base station. Any additions and alterations can be done the same way. There is an intercom feature, which means a user at one handset can page any or all the other units and have a direct conversation. The set comes with a handsfree headset as well.

Things that I think should be better

There are four things I don't like about the system.
First, the slave unit charging base is very light and it always skates away from you when you go to grab the phone. Perhaps a bit of blu-tack might fix the problem. You can wall mount the charging base, but I haven't tried that.
Second, the phone display is not that clear. Actually, it looks better in the photo above than it is in reality. The contrast of this LCD display can be adjusted but it doesn't help. The font is too condensed, especially in the reverse contrast parts near the bottom of the display. The designers have obviously had to compromise spacing with character size on the limited area of the display. I think a different technology for the display would improve this; perhaps like the small OLED displays available now.
The system can work with two incoming lines. When there is only one line, you can set the phone for single-line operation. However, even having done that, it always asks you to 'select line' whenever you want to retrieve a message.
My last dislike is just a matter of preference. I think that the intercom feature should 'broadcast' the voice of the caller by activating the speaker of each handset so that the called person doesn't have to pick up the handset to answer.

Cost of running

The base station uses 1.4 watts of power and each slave unit uses slightly under 1 watt. Because they are on 24/7, the annual cost of running the base and two slaves is NZ$6.50 (assuming 0.22c per kWh). Just remember that as with any phone that needs power, it will stop if the power fails.


A very good cordless phone system. It can be recommended.

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