Updating the operating costs of the 2008 Honda Civic

This is an update to the short review of the 2008 Honda Civic 1.8 sedan that I published as a pdf file in mid 2010. At that stage, the car had been owned 2 years from new. I had calculated that the car operating costs for the two years were $4762.16 (New Zealand dollars) and the depreciation for 2 years was $6000, making the 2 year total cost of ownership $10,762.16. Well, now the car has passed its 4th birthday and it is time to do the sums again.

Operating costs for recent two year period (to April 2012)

All the above comes to $6038.12 operating costs for recent 2 year period. This is higher than for the first 2 year period, mainly due to the tyres and the price of petrol.


In April 2010, the car was worth $24,000. Currently, with 36,300km on the clock, Turners auctions estimate $17,600. That means two years depreciation is $6400; a similar value to the first two years.

Total cost of ownership over 4 years

The total cost of ownership for the first two years was $10,762.16
For the latest two year period, it is $12,438.12
Therefore, owning this car for 4 years has cost a grand total of $23,200.28, averaging out to $5,800 per annum.

The car had clocked up 35,000km at the end of 4 years, bringing the price of the pleasure to 66.3 cents per km travelled. Just over half (53%) of that is due to depreciation.

Axino-tech Consulting & Services , May 2012.