This table provides power consumption figures that I have measured for some domestic appliances . Data has been recorded using a Yokogawa WT210 precision power meter.

Explanation of the data columns of the table

Appliance Make & Model Watts operating VA operatingWatts in standbyHours operating per dayAnnual costComment
DVR (PVR)TiVo254722.624$ 45.07Freeview terrestrial NZ
DVR (PVR)MYSKY Hdi234021.324$ 42.49SKY NZ
DVR (PVR)Zinwell ZMT-640PVR26452.824$ 48.38Freeview terrestrial NZ
DVR (PVR)Pixel magic MagicTV193613.324$ 34.03Freeview terrestrial NZ
Satellite Set top boxCoship CDVB2500E7135.48$ 10.73
Satellite Set top boxHills HSM07581558$ 10.73
Satellite Set top boxStrong SRT4651X91678$ 13.98
Satellite Set top boxTopfield TF6000F91778$ 14.04
Satellite Set top boxZinwell ZMX-75009178.98$ 16.37
Satellite Set top boxDishTV S707012.15198.1210$ 19.28
Satellite Set top boxDTVS DTVS-1B9.3155.7810$ 14.42
Satellite Set top boxGOG GOG 08118.436134.93510$ 12.84
Satellite Set top boxTransonic TWH-S110166.4610$ 15.69
Satellite Set top boxOpenBox S1012.9921.2811.110$ 21.87new
Terrestrial HD set top boxAVerMedia DVB-T STB713.51712.210$ 23.46
Terrestrial HD set top boxDraco HDTV 550012.882111.8910$ 22.65
Terrestrial HD set top boxGOG GOG 21888.38140.47810$ 6.94
Terrestrial HD set top boxSommet SHD-NZ311.3189.7410$ 19.13
Terrestrial HD set top boxZinwell ZMT-630HD13.2212.5310$ 12.84
LCD TV 24"Viewsonic NX2240W45691.26$ 22.41
LCD TV 32"LG 32LH20D81940.56$ 37.96"Standard" or "normal"
LCD TV 32"Panasonic TH-L32X10Z83950.46$ 38.71"Standard" or "normal"
LCD TV 32"Samsung LA32B45044500.26$ 20.51"Standard" or "normal"
LCD TV 32"Sony KLV32S550A1111281.26$ 52.76"Standard" or "normal"
LCD TV 32"Transonic TC-3201LCD1341374.86$ 68.16"Standard" or "normal"
LCD TV 32"Samsung LA32C45077860.3610$ 59.62"Standard" new
LCD TV 32"Samsung LA32C450951060.3610$ 73.5"Dynamic" new
LCD TV 32"Samsung LA32C45063700.3610$ 49.09"Movie" new
LCD TV 40"Samsung LA40A750R1M1781860.86$ 82.97"Standard" or "normal"
LCD TV 40"Sony KDL-40W45001611710.26$ 74.26"Standard" or "normal"
LCD TV 42"Toshiba 42RV500Y2142570.66$ 99.02"Standard" or "normal"
LCD TV 46"Sony KV46X45001480.66$ 68.87"Standard"
LCD TV 46"Sony KV46X45001620.66$ 75.24"Vivid"
LCD TV 46"Sony KV46X45001140.66$ 53.11"Theatre"
Plasma TV 42"LG 42PG20R-TA26928416$ 124.93"Standard" or "normal"
Plasma TV 42"Panasonic TH-42PV8AZ1942550.66$ 89.82"Standard" or "normal"
Plasma TV 42"Panasonic TH-42PZ850AZ2562760.36$ 118.37"Standard" or "normal"
CRT TV 34"Sony KV-L341282134.86$ 65.37
CRT TV 29"Panasonic TX68PS72Z1171591.76$ 56.08
DVD/HDD recorderLG RH7796W27441.74$ 10.88
DVD/HDD recorderPanasonic DMR-EH5024395.24$ 15.18
DVD/HDD recorderPhilips DVDR-520H28453.44$ 13.83
DVD/HDD recorderPioneer DVR-530H27452.14$ 11.59
DVD/HDD recorderSony RDR-HX71032510.64$ 10.82
DVD/HDD recorderJVC DR-MH30 SAA34535.44$ 18.76
DVD/HDD recorderNEC NDH-8031481.64$ 11.96
DVD/HDD recorderSAMSUNG DVD-HR720405874$ 22.87
DVD/HDD recorderTOSHIBA RD-XS34 SG35571.84$ 13.34
Home theatre systemDENON DHT-500SD45870.86$ 21.85DVD playing & low volume
Home theatre systemONKYO HTS68073967.56$ 44.06DVD playing & low volume
Home theatre systemPANASONIC SC-HT880W48672.46$ 25.52DVD playing & low volume
Home theatre systemPHILIPS LX8500W43693.36$ 24.09DVD playing & low volume
Home theatre systemSONY DAV-FX999W28574.46$ 18.95DVD playing & low volume
Home theatre systemSONY DAV-DZ770W26544.46$ 17.84DVD playing & low volume
Home theatre systemLG LH-W750TA35651.96$ 18.79DVD playing & low volume
Home theatre systemSAMSUNG HT-P120131583.56$ 18.99DVD playing & low volume
Home theatre systemSHARP SDAS10W42700.96$ 20.56DVD playing & low volume
LaptopToshiba satellite A30027460.75$ 11.37
External Hard drive USB2WD 80GB9158.724$ 16
LCD computer monitor 19"AOC 193FW29520.95$ 12.53
LCD computer monitor 19"DSE XC374234610.75$ 13.93
LCD computer monitor 19"HP VS19e26440.85$ 11.01
LCD computer monitor 19"LG L1932S25420.65$ 10.38
LCD computer monitor 19"Sony SDMHS95P/R21370.75$ 9.14
LCD computer monitor 19"Viewsonic VX92226460.65$ 10.95
CRT computer monitor 19"Philips 109B5638115$ 25.45
Clothes DryerFrigidaire AD-3C1900192700.6$ 87.38On high heat.
Fan heaterGoldair GCH2001570159001$ 120.34On high. Low is half power
Washing machineHoover 215M1601.60.6$ 9.95Average of regular cycle.(45mins)
RefrigeratorKelvinator KC2505091024$ 92.76Integrated over 4 days
Microwave OvenSanyo EM-N201124013201.60.3$ 26.73Rated 750 watts