The Axino low power FM transmitter

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Yes, Axino-Tech has a low power stereo FM transmitter available for short term lease within New Zealand.

The transmitter is intended to be used by and for one-off events, shows, schools, open days, churches or community groups. It may also be useful to low power FM (LPFM) broadcasters who need cover while their own equipment is under repair, for example.

Normally the transmitter would be operated under the N.Z General User Licence for low-power FM broadcasting, in which case it is set to emit less than 1 watt RF power. In special cases, where the lessee owns a licence (which must be sighted), the transmitter can be set for 5 watts or more.

Antennas. The lessee must provide their own antenna, which should present a good 50 ohm load to the transmitter. A typical antenna would be a dipole or ground-plane monopole, mounted to radiate with vertical polarisation. If there is enough interest, Axino-Tech will consider bundling the equipment with a suitable antenna.

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Process to hire the Axino FM transmitter

  1. Check availability. See the availability map, but bookings are made by contacting Axino-Tech.
  2. Contact Axino-Tech for negotiation of price. Payment must be by direct credit and made before despatch date.
  3. Advise Axino-Tech your name, contact details, purpose of hire, venue of hire, licence details if any, antenna type to be used, length of coax cable to be used, power output (or Axino-tech will set the transmitter to a power based on your antenna and coax answers), frequency.
  4. Accept the terms of contract.
  5. Confirm dates of hire. Axino-Tech will courier the transmitter.
  6. Set up transmitter at venue from setup guides.
  7. At end of hire, return transmitter to Axino-Tech in Wellington.

Axino FM transmitter

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Operators guide

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