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Axino-tech Consulting and Services Ltd is a registered company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Axino-tech provides technician services and consultancy in the fields of broadcast RF engineering, broadcast transmitter design services, installation and commissioning, analogue electronics, electrical appliance measurement, consumer AV product test and review, technical writing and design document peer reviewing.

Our principal director has extensive experience in the above fields having been employed for over 40 years in an engineering capacity by Kordia and predecessors BCL, BCNZ and NZBC.

Detailed background and history can be found on the ABOUT page.


Broadcast transmitter systems design

Input to broadcast transmission systems design, for TV, FM and DAB transmission providers. Recommendations on configuration, power, programme input equipment, configuration, viability of off-air in-fill sites. Developing design documents, test plans and installer instructions.

transmitter configuration drawing
Transmitter configuration and testing

Configuration and acceptance testing of broadcast transmission equipment for both FM radio and DVB-T is a speciality.

At right is a collection of test equipment from 1978 in use testing a TV transmitter. Modern test equipment is indeed considerably more integrated. Axino-Tech is one of the few consultancies remaining with expertise of analogue TV; still in use for MATV systems, security and elsewhere.

tv test equipment
Appliance electrical testing

Appliances can be checked for safety, power consumption and power quality.

Axino-Tech can provide checks of consumption, quality and safety, although we are not an accredited laboratory. Small appliances and energy saver lamps can be very unfriendly to the power grid, making it important to check power factor and harmonics of current.

current waveform of CFL
Freeview reception advice

Confused about the jargonese in ads and 'manuals'?

Axino-Tech can provide advice about Freeview and SKY reception problems as well as helping with interconnections between TV's, stereos and other domestic equipment.

looking puzzled pic
Testing of audio-video products

Customised product tests from simple performance checks to full consumer type testing including ease of use assessments.


Further to the above, Axino-Tech can provide advice about TV and FM reception, technicalities of broadcast transmission in N.Z plus assistance with setting up of broadcast transmission facilities. We may be able to help analyse RF interference problems and even build prototype radio-frequency filters (usually below 1GHz), to prove a solution works before committing.

For consumers and community groups, advice is available regarding Freeview and SKY reception, splitting TV to multiple rooms, connecting up smart TV's plus some common IT matters such as installing a wireless router.

Axino-Tech is able to provide technician services, including product testing, product comparisons, electronic assembly and testing of prototype circuits. For more detail, see the About page.

Axino Emporium

A trading table for surplus electronics from Axino-tech

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