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Axino-Tech is based in Wellington; New Zealand.

Previously employed by Kordia and predecessors BCL, BCNZ and NZBC, I have over 40 years experience as a broadcast technician and consultant. For my background and history see the ABOUT page. From the start of 2019, my toes are in retirement space, but this site is maintained with articles that may still be relevant and hopefully useful to some. If you have followed this site, obsolete material has been removed. I find there is so much now on the web about every conceivable matter and do not wish to contribute greatly to the noise level. Bruce Whiteside.

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Circuits, ideas and sub-systems developed in-house

Latest on the bench
  • Internet radio project NEW
  • Flicker meter for measuring LED lamps
  • A DIY portable appliance tester (with Nextion touch screen display)
  • Audio low pass filter ideas for FM transmitters




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All information on this website is provided free of charge and in good faith. You are entirely responsible for determining if the information fits your needs and additionally whether an idea, article or schematic is fit and safe.

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